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About Us

Jan Moir Are You Ready To Order? is a free website from the award-winning journalist Jan Moir, who was the Daily Telegraph's restaurant critic for six years.

Until she stopped writing reviews for the Telegraph this year, her restaurant beat stretched the length and breadth of the UK, boldly going where no critic had gone before. From Thurso to Penzance, Jan has sampled the best and worst that Britain has to offer and somehow lived to tell the tale. Along the way, she watched the rise of the superstar chef phenomenon and dined at all of their restaurants, with mixed results. She also appraised humbler establishments, such as the lobster restaurant in a Devon widow's back yard, an oyster shack in West Mersea and a restaurant with only three tables in Lincolnshire.

Most of Jan's previous reviews have been updated and are included on Are You Ready To Order?, alongside a new weekly restaurant review that will appear every Wednesday, plus some other surprises. Over the coming weeks there will also be an archive of chef interviews added, alongside a catalogue of food book reviews.

Jan lives in west London, with her boyfriend and fellow reviewer, S. She likes boxing, which is good for her, and crab spaghetti, which probably isn't.

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